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Pastadiva Italia

Box Aida

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Fancy something untameable and wild? How about a plate of Mediterranean Rigatoni? And to surprise family and friends, offer them a bruschetta with our Explosive Sauce!
The Box
Main Course serves 3/4
1 Rigatoni of Ancient Grains 300g
1 Mediterranean Sauce, 190g
1 Special Explosive Bruschetta Sauce, 190g
1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP Sicilia, 250 ml

Buon Appetito!
Rigatoni: Timilia durum wholewheat; water
Mediterranean sauce: tomato pulp 60%; concentrated tomato puree 15%; green olives 8%; capers 5%; extra virgin olive oil; sunflower oil; CELERY; carrot; onion; basil; crushed black pepper; sugar; salt; E330 citric acid.  It may contain traces of NUTS and OLIVE PITS
Explosive sauce: aubergines 35%; Champignon mushrooms ‘Agaricus Bisporus’ 10%; hot crushed chilli 10%; red sundried  tomatoes 7%; green pitted olives 7%; artichokes 7%; capers 5%; red peppers 5%; sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil; aromatic herbs; white whine vinegar; salt. It may contains traces of NUTS and OLIVE PITS
Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP SICILIA
Fiordidrupa, Oleificio Biologico Diliberto, Sicilia